Our Mission

 To revive and rebuild our community  so that it will regain its original appeal, and become a safe and enjoyable  model community.


Who doesn't want to fish and sail on a sparkling lake?  Everyone whose eyes behold Enchanted Lake certainly do.  Use is a privilege available to fee paying  property owners:

We’re fortunate  to have within our subdivision a 40+ acre lake which is one of a just a handful of East Texas  lakes which are sparkling clear.  .

Enchanted lake

  • No fee for the young at heart at least 80 years of age.
  • 50% Discount for US Vets and their spouses.
  • As little as $30 annually for nonresident owners
  • Flexible affordable payment plans

You can also help the community and yourselves by paying fees to use amenities, especially the beautiful lake..  Not only does paying fees have sweet benefits but by having funds which improve the subdivision your property value could increase far more than the fees. you've paid.



 If you already own property in Enchanted Lake - Holiday Pines the easiest way to help  your community is be respecting the covenants which explicitly requires all property be kept clean and tidy.  A printed copy of the covenants is available for a fee upon request.  You are also invited to serve on one of several proposed committees



How can you help?

9 November, 2013

The 40+ year old pier is disappearing.


New pier

A new shiny pier is coming soon! Stay tuned.

10 November

The old pier is gone, the lake seems bigger.